“Monitoring the effects of Project PL0100

“Improving the efficiency of Polish Environmental

Inspection, based on Norwegian experiences””

Measure 1

Publicity activities and project management


Measure 2

Implementation of an effective system for handling data on inspection

The aim of the Measure is to verify, streamline and ensure security of the functioning of the IT Inspection Support System (ITISS), designed and implemented under the PL0100 Project. ITISS is an electronic system for collecting and processing of inspection data. The system collects information on entities using the environment and on their observance of the environmental law. ITISS therefore provides data on entities polluting the environment, obtained during inspections performed by 16 Voivodeship Inspectorates for Environmental Protection (VIEP). The measure will establish requirements streamlining the operation of ITISS at particular stages of inspection and post-inspection actions, introduction of necessary corrections to the ITISS and the system modernisation, ensuring security of the system operation and training of inspectors and the system administrators.

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Measure 3

Methodological strengthening of inspection.

The aim of the Measure is to introduce changes in the documentation of the Inspection System developed under the PL0100 Project to streamline the procedures and rules for planning, preparing, performing and documenting the inspection, and also for carrying out post-inspection actions. The new documents will be drawn up based on the knowledge obtained during study visits to Norway and workshops organised in Poland, as well as a on the review of documents which are currently in force. Training for inspectors and the IS coordinators will also be carried out as a part of the measure.

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Measure 4

Providing equipment for inspectors

The aim of the Measure is to provide the inspectors from 14 VIEPs with portable equipment analogical to the equipment bought under the PL0100 Project for two pilot VIEPs. The portable measuring and electronic equipment will improve the effectiveness of inspections and streamline the dialogue between an enterprise and environmental protection authorities, as well as will ensure quicker adjustment to the requirements if the standards are exceeded. Consultations with VIEP concerning the choice of the best portable equipment, purchase of the equipment and training the VIEP’s staff on how to operate the equipment will be carried out as part of the measure.

Measure 5

Development of a system for dissemination of information to the general public

The aim of the Measure is to design a communication strategy for inspection activities of the Inspection of Environmental Protection and to develop the website of the CIEP by, among others, providing more information in English. Employees of the CIEP and VIEP will learn about the methods of disseminating information to the general public in Norway. A report will be drawn up defining the scope of information to be provided on the websites of the Inspectorate for Environmental Protection as a part of its inspection activities.

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Completion of the project

Summary of the implementation of the project entitled “Improving the efficiency of the Inspection of Environmental Protection based on Norwegian experience”.

A seminar devoted to the implementation of the project entitled “Improving the efficiency of the Inspection of Environmental Protection based on Norwegian experience”.

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