“Monitoring the effects of Project PL0100

“Improving the efficiency of Polish Environmental

Inspection, based on Norwegian experiences””

Developments in 2014

Measure 1: Publicity activities and project management

In the framework of project management a project implementation team was amended by the decision of CIEP. Moreover, a number of standard management activities was carried out connected with the implementation of the substantive, organisational and financial services scope of the project. In the framework of promotional activities a panel was organised in order to summarize the first year of project implementation. Promotional materials, calendars and Christmas cards were purchased. Promotional materials and calendars were distributed among the participants of the project workshops and sent to VIEP and bodies cooperating with CIEP under the project.

Measure 2: Implementation of an effective system for handling data on inspection

A tender was organised, in the framework of which the Contractor was selected to implement the Modernisation of the IT Inspection Support System. The tender also ensured the provision of HELPDESK services until 31 March 2015 and the provision of technical assistance for the period of 2 years from the date of final acceptance, as well as conducting trainings for the system users. The acceptance of stage I of the above agreement was carried out, namely performing certain modifications of the ITISS. Trainings were provided for CIEP Administrators and for the VIEP’s users of the ITISS concerning the usage of the OCEAN GENRAP programme – a tool for drawing up and generating reports on the basis of data collected in the ITISS.

Measure 3: Methodological strengthening of inspection

Project Group’s meetings took place, during which: (1) a new structure of the documentation of the Inspection System was established; (2) changes were introduced to the established schedule; (3) correction of the current multicriteria analysis of the impact of industrial plants on the environment was established; (4) the established changes to the new documentation were analysed. A study inspection of the industrial plant operating in the area of a VIEP in Łódź was took place, which was attended by the representatives of the Norwegian partner. During the meeting, preparation for the inspection of the industrial plant was discussed, a visual inspection of the industrial plant was conducted and the post-inspection actions under the mandate of the IEP were discussed. A workshop summarising the study inspection in Łódź was organised. The workshop was attended by the representatives of the Norwegian partner, industry and the employees of CIEP and VIEP. During the workshop, the Norwegian partner presented its observations and comments concerning the conducted study inspection and Polish procedures of performing the inspection, and the representatives of the industrial plants inspected by the VIEPs presented their opinions on the quality of the conducted inspections, the transparency of procedures and inspection and post-inspection documents drawn up by the IEP. There were 3 study visits to NEA which were attended by the employees of VIEP and CIEP. The delegates learnt about procedures concerning planning, preparation and performing inspections and post-inspection actions undertaken by the NEA. During the visits, the delegates participated in study inspections in the Norcem AS Brevik cement works (May), in Norske Skogindustrier ASA paper production mill in Saugbrugs, Halden (June) and in a paint company – Jotun (September). A workshop was organised to summarise the three study visits to Norway and the study inspection in the Eurofoam Polska Sp. z o.o. industrial plant in Zgierz. A comparison of the method of conducting inspections by the Norwegian and Polish parties was also conducted. The workshop participants were the persons belonging to the Measure 3 Project Group and the representatives of: VIEP who participated in study visits, CIEP and NEA. Civil-law agreements were signed with experts (the representatives of VIEP) concerning the development of documentation making up the new IT Inspection System. The drawn up studies were consulted with the Project Group members and a legal adviser. In 2015, VIEP will implement the drawn up documentation. 

Measure 4: Providing portable equipment for inspectors

The specification of the important terms of the contract. In August, a procedure was initiated in the framework of the tender “The purchase of measurement and electronic equipment for the inspectors of environmental protection” by providing the public procurement notice in the form of an open procedure for publication in the UE Official Journal. The tender was divided into four parts. In parts I, II and IV the procurement was cancelled due to the lack of bids. The rangefinders purchased in the framework of part III were delivered to VIEPs and their delegates along with the required documentation. Open procedures for the remaining parts of the tender will be re-launched in the Q1 2015.

Measure 5: Development of a system for dissemination of information to the general public

5.1. Development of CIEP’s website

Consultations were conducted with the CIEP’s persons responsible for the maintenance of the internet website and its modification under the project; the Project Group was established and its meeting was organised – outlining a plan concerning the implementation of the measure and commissioning and modification of the CIEP’s website concerning the inspection activity and updating of the English version of the portal. A study visit to the NEA took place, attended by the representatives of the CIEP and the Project Group. The aim of the visit was to present the delegates with the methods of disseminating information in the society used by the Norwegian partner, concerning their usage in the IEP. On the basis of conclusions from the conducted visit, an update of the CIEP’s website was planned concerning the tab “Inspection of point emissions”.

5.2 Development of IEP’s communication strategy concerning the inspection activity

Project Group’s meetings took place, during which a project entitled “The communication strategy for control activities adopted by the inspection of environmental protection” was developed, which was submitted for translation and to the Norwegian partner.   A workshop was organised for the representatives of the VIEP, including the Project Group, and the representatives of the Norwegian partner, during which the proposals included in the draft of the new Communication strategy were discussed. The comments from inspectors and the Norwegian partner were included in the draft of the document. The document was provided to the CIEP’s management for approval.