“Monitoring the effects of Project PL0100

“Improving the efficiency of Polish Environmental

Inspection, based on Norwegian experiences””

On 25 and 26 June 2014 r. the panel summarizing the first year of project implementation called Monitoring the implementation effects of Project PL0100 “Improving the efficiency of the Inspection of Environmental Protection based on Norwegian experience” was organised, which a common initiative of Inspection of Environmental Protection and Norwegian Environment Agency. The project is co-financed from the funds of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009–2014.


The meeting was attended by: the management of Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, representatives of Norwegian Environment Agency, the partner of the project, Mr Per Antonsen – Project Manager and Mrs Hanne Aronsen from Department of International Cooperation, who is supervising the implementation of EEA financial mechanisms, some voivodeship inspectors of environmental protection, representatives of all VIEP as well as CIEP employees being the members of project implementation team.


The panel was opened by Mr Andrzej Jagusiewicz – the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection, who in his speech underlined the multiannual cooperation with the Norwegian partner as well as the importance of project results. The meeting was led by Mr Roman Jaworski, deputy of Chief Inspector and Mrs Małgorzata Tołwińska, Project Manager from the Inspection and Administrative Ruling Department of CIEP.

Partners from Norway summed up the existing cooperation under the Projects, very positively assessed the mutual relations and cooperation between the representatives of these two bodies. At the same time they stressed that cooperation under the Project is also inspiring for the Norwegian side.



Then the employees of Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection summed up all existing project activities and timetable of tasks implementation for the second part of 2014 and 2015. In particular the assumption of new multicriteria analysis and structure of modernized IT Inspection System were discussed, as well as the objectives of communication strategy of IEP concerning inspection activity.



While summarizing two days of the meeting a deputy of CIEP, Roman Jaworski, thanked all those involved for their work, emphasising their contribution to strengthening the inspection activity of the Inspection of Environmental Protection.

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